Dungeons & Dragons Jones Soda

I just had to piggyback on this one.  So Good Blog posted that Jones Soda has come out with a “Limited Edition Dungeons & Dragons Spellcasting Soda.” I’ll never be as cool as I was when I was 14 and actually played D&D.  Here are your choices:

  • Potion of Healing
  • Sneak Attack
  • Bigby’s Crushing Thirst Destroyer
  • Dwarven Draught
  • Eldritch Blast
  • Illithid Brain Juice (not shown below)

8 comments on “Dungeons & Dragons Jones Soda

  1. Adam Bomb says:

    The nerd in me just peed a little. I used to play AD&D when I was a teen, and I would have bought this stuff by the case back then.

  2. Meliorn says:

    I want to know where to find some. I used to play as a teen as well. Couldn’t ever find the Thanksgiving dinner series around where I live, would have loved to try that too.

  3. BobbyD says:

    This totally brings me back to my teenage years….time to bust out a 20-sided die and pop open a Dwarven Draught!

  4. Jessica J. says:

    I think they are a bit behind on this one….
    I tried to describe D&D to my students (9th-12th grade Journalism) and they almost peed themselves they were laughing so hard. The concept is completely foreign to them.

  5. Moku says:

    Well if it was WoW juice maybe it probably would of cost a ton more to get a licensing deal. Although I wouldn’t put it past a game company to start selling virtual gatorade.

  6. Brand Eating says:

    I was too poor to play D&D *sniff* How do you know what flavor each on actually is though? It would be sad if Healing Potion tasted just like cherry cough syrup.

  7. Jason-wayne says:

    So are these actual new flavors or just repackaged same ol Jones varieties.

  8. Jason-wayne says:

    Does anyone know if these are new flavors or just a gimmicky label with the same ol Jones varieties?

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