Food News: New KFC Extra Crispy Strips

While the KFC Double Down is getting all the attention, a new item has quietly hit the KFC menu board. ¬†I wasn’t aware that this wasn’t available before, but apparently KFC Extra Crispy Strips are new. ¬†Available with dipping sauces… Honey BBQ, Fiery Buffalo and Sweet ‘n Spicy.

Juicy, 100% all-white meat chicken breast, marinated and double-breaded in our special seasonings. They’re great for dipping in one of our flavorful sauces.

20 comments on “Food News: New KFC Extra Crispy Strips

  1. Justin says:


  2. Qoder says:

    These are not new, rather a reintroduction. Have people really forgotten that only about a year ago, KFC was advertising their new ORIGINAL RECIPE strips? Before that, they were based on the extra crispy recipe. My theory is that now, with the boneless “fillet” and double down, those strips were too similar and thus the replacement with the old strips. A shame, I really preferred the tastier, less heavily breaded OR strips.

  3. those look so damn good

  4. plushpuppy says:

    I love the big “0 trans fats”. Like somehow it is now healthy.

  5. Adam Bomb says:

    @plushpuppy: You know what’s even better than the “0 trans fats” banner? The fact that there are a lot of people that will actually fall for that trick.

    “No trans fat? Sign me up for a double order!!!” lol

    • rightclue says:

      people actually believe eating meat makes one fat…

      fools… that extra large helping of garlic butter mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese are the main culprits, but those are somehow seen as “whole foods” and thus good for you

  6. jay says:

    Like anyone eating at KFC cares about nutrition. I will have five Doubledowns and a diet coke.

    • rightclue says:

      well you certainly won’t get fat eating that.

      but I had one and it was far too salty for me. I don’t know how youc an stand eating 5 of them at once.

  7. Bubba says:


    Yet another goon who thinks they’re clever by pointing out the “irony” of someone choosing not to drink the empty calories of refined sugar if they have a saturated fat treat. Nutrition snobs live eye-rollingly unappealing lives. I suppose you also believe that anyone who drinks a Pepsi with their bean sprout salad is also a ridiculous ironic fool. People like you always need KY jelly to overcome feminine dryness. Funny how we can always tell these things.

  8. Chelsea says:

    While your approach is a little…stronger than mine (haha), I totally agree, Bubba. I think it’s ridiculous when people act like choosing not to add another 600 calories to an already caloric meal doesn’t make sense, or it’s frivolous. Besides that, some people just develop more of a taste for diet rather than the full-sugar version. When I drink regular Coke, it tastes like pure syrup.

    If I want to add calories to my meal, it will be in the form of food, not beverage. Is that okay by everyone?

    Now, where’s my Double Down and diet Sprite?

    • jay says:

      The problem is that diet coke isn’t harmless. it causes your insulin to spike and store all that fat you are eating. Also, artificial sweeteners disrupt satiety. So you end up being hungry again. Slim people don’t drink diet soda.

      • Chelsea says:

        Alright, well, I’ve seen plenty of “slim” people guzzle diet Coke, let’s just say…Nicole Richie, for example. I don’t see a lot of thin people drink full-sugar soda either, really. Sure, definitely the healthiest thing to drink is water–but I stay pretty healthy in my actual food (believe it or not, being a reader of GrubGrade and all, haha) and my one big vice nutrition-wise is diet soda, and once in awhile, an exciting new fast food novelty.

        I’m pretty trim, and I love Diet ____. You’re dead right that it isn’t harmless, but it can’t be flax all the time, right?

        • jay says:

          I should have said healthy. Nicole Richie is the opposite of healthy. Everything should be balanced. You could get away with soda after lifting if you mix it with some protein because of the insulin spike you want to achieve to help rebuild muscle. You can also eat a double down and if it fits into your daily macros. no big deal. What I was joking at originally was that every obese person eats five double downs and doesn’t drink regular soda because it isn’t healthy. I rather drink regular soda then diet at least it isn’t leaching calcium from my body.

  9. Jessica J. says:

    I remember these! The once had these instead of the chicken strips they have now!

  10. Lauren says:

    A few weeks ago I went to KFC and ordered the strips combo,I got home and was pissed to see that they were no longer the original recipe strips,but instead the old crispy version. I wasn’t upset for too long, they taste waaaay better,especially with honey mustard!.

  11. Anon says:

    Bring back the KFC nuggets, dammit!! Nuggets + Herbs & Spices = Delicious.

    • Jessica J says:

      KFC nuggets were the best nuggets in the whole world! I had a friend who worked at KFC and when he got off work, he would bring home a whole bucket filled with nuggets and potato wedges. We would all hang out….. then munch on nuggets all night! Oh… I miss the good days…

  12. Shea says:

    I went to purchase the extra crispy strips because they looked so tempting on the commercial. But, when I got to KFC and double checked to make sure they gave me the extra crispy strips, the employee slipped and told me that they only have one kind and just throw the strips into the extra crispy box. So, this is just a sales pitch to increase sells.

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