Food News: Dunkin’ Donuts Egg Whites Option Now Available

Dunkin’ Donuts has something called the DD Smart Menu.  Basically it’s a menu consisting of “better for you” options than the alternative Bacon, Egg and Cheese fare.  If you are craving a breakfast sandwich with egg, but want to limit the bad stuff, the egg white option is now available. Calories, fat and cholesterol intake can be dramatically cut with the egg white choice.  Good to see Dunkin’ giving the consumer this option.  Will you be making the switch?

Dunkin Donuts DD Smart

10 comments on “Food News: Dunkin’ Donuts Egg Whites Option Now Available

  1. Alex says:

    I’d love to see GG do a review of this new sammich. Be interesting to see how the egg white option pairs up to a full egg selection.

  2. rob says:

    Not me, if I’m going to eat eggs I eat the whole thing, the idea that eating eggs is unhealthy is ridiculous, it’s the bread that will kill you.

  3. rightclue says:

    Corey or Gessman? If so, you should know better. We had the biochem course already.

    Anyway, excessive intake of egg yolk does increase the serum level of cholesterol.. albeit not very quickly.

    Moreover, the sheer amount of fat within the egg yolks will deposit into your arteries and cause problems down the line.

    Eating one egg yolk a day may not be such a bad idea.

    Eating 10 egg yolks a day is a bad idea. Most of the protein is found within the avidin anyway.

    And no the bread will not kill you. Excessive carbohydrate intake coupled with a sedentary lifestyle will make you fat… but not as directly as fat itself will make you fat and clog your arteries.

    But… “real men” will be “real men.”

    PS The only real men are those who have successful careers and have offspring.

  4. Jillian says:

    It’s about freaking time. I don’t exactly “like” eggs/egg whites, but for some reason I have no problem with the veggie egg white flatbread they have, except that its ingredient list almost rivals the New Testament. Won’t be seeking out the ingredients for these anytime soon; I plan on staying blissfully ignorant in this case.

  5. Yum Yucky says:

    We had breakfast for dinner last night. It required 14 eggs to be cracked. That’s what I get for having a sprawling family. Dang kids everywhere.

    I love DD sammiches. Have not heard about the egg white. I’ll try it.

  6. Fast Food says:

    It’s good there offering the egg white version,

    Hve not tried any of them, but looks good enough for me to go out of my way to try 1 :)

    I prefer my eggs the way they come out sunny side up:)

  7. Ryan says:

    @ Alex … Hmm, possibly. There’s a good chance I’d get a breakfast sandwich in the near future anyways.

    @ rob … Haha, you sound just like my brother.

    @ rightclue … I have no offspring. I am no real man.

    Quick name the show:
    Person 1: You are not a man.
    Person 2: Well, then what are all those ties and sports jackets doing in my closet?

    @ Jillian … I actually don’t mind the Veggie Egg White Flatbread either…well the flatbread is a little tough and chewy but the egg part is OK. :)

    @ Yum Yucky … Yikes, what’s your grocery bill like?

    @ Fast Food … Agreed, I like that the option is available.

  8. This post cruelly reminded me of the tragic and total absence of DD stores in Memphis.

  9. Jillian says:

    Seinfeld! Boo-yah! I actually saw that one!

  10. Ryan says:

    @ Jillian … You got it.

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