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I had heard some good things about Urban Burger Co. and figured I should trek to Rockville, Maryland for a taste.  I felt a need to get away from the Five Guys joints and glut of fast food chains for a little change of pace.  With a quick look at their menu online, I was sold.  My biggest concern turned out to be what to order.  Everything on the menu looked great but I had to limit myself to a few choices.  Urban Burger Co. is a fast-casual place as it offers no table service, but a higher quality grub than what you’d find at a fast food place.  Bringing along a friend to split food with is usually a nice way to sample a little more than you could handle alone.

Urban Burger Co.The menu at Urban Burger Company includes everything from chicken wings and ribs to big salads and fried Twinkies.  With “burger” in the name of the place, it was only appropriate to sample one of the Black Angus Burger selections.  You start off with a 6oz burger patty cooked to order, the way you like it…(medium-well for me)… the price starts off at $5.49 and you have a free fixin’s bar with the standard lettuce/tomato/onion/ketchup, etc.  For 50 cents each you can add premium toppings such as 8 types of cheese, chili, bacon, avocado and more.  For just $1.00 more you can turn your plain jane $5.49 burger into a “Styled” creation. I was close to ordering my burger Blazin’ Saddle Style (spicy two-alarm chili, cheddar-jack cheese and green onion) but since I’m such a fan of BBQ sauce, I instead went for Urban BBQ Style.  Good choice going with the Urban BBQ as it was delicious.  They topped my 6oz Black Angus burger with Smokey BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese and thick slab bacon.  The burger comes on a warm brioche bun which is a nice quality touch. To go along with the thick bacon, the BBQ sauce could be described as thick as well.  Generously coating my burger and mixing in with the melt of the cheddar cheese.  Very good burger that made me look forward to trying again, perhaps with a new “Style” to mix things up.

BBQ Bacon Burger Urban Burger Co.

Urban BBQ Style Angus Burger - $6.49

If you’re not in the mood for beef, why not try the chicken.  Also purchased was a Chicken Breast sandwich ($5.49) done in the “Savannah” Style ($1.00 extra).  Savannah Style seems like a good choice for a chicken sandwich.  Savannah Style tops your sandwich with a Honey-Mustard BBQ sauce, provolone cheese and thick slab bacon. With the Roy Rogers Gold Rush Chicken Sandwich being epic in my eyes, I thought that going Savannah would give me something comparable.  Loved the provolone and thick cut of bacon, but wasn’t really a fan of the Honey-Mustard BBQ sauce.  Maybe BBQ sauce alone or Honey Mustard alone would’ve worked here, but the combo concoction just wasn’t my thing.  The chicken is the main player here and it was a quality piece and marinated with 12 herbs and spices.  The brioche bun once again makes an appearance and no complaints there.  Overall, it was an OK choice but looking at the menu, now I’m thinking I should’ve gone with the style of So-Cal, USA (Honey lime sauce, sliced avocado, melted provolone).

Chicken Sandwich Urban Burger Co.

Savannah Style Chicken Sandwich - $6.49

Unfortunately, no sides come free with your sandwich order but at least there are tasty options.  Most sides are $2.49 (Fries, Battered Onion Rings, Mo’s Mac & Cheese, BBQ-Ranch Beans, Chopped Slaw).  A few others are $3.49 (Loaded Baked Potato, Collard Greens, Mini Garden Salad).  People who know me best won’t be surprised to know know that I chose the Battered Onion Rings and Mo’s Mac & Cheese.  The Battered Onion Rings were a healthy size and as fresh as they come.  Described as “Thick, sweet onions, fried crisp, served with horseradish remoulade”.  I’d probably pass on these rings in the future because I wasn’t really keen on the seasoning used on them.  A smokey, salty mix that unfortunately took away from the natural goodness of my favorite onion rings.  The order of Mo’s Mac & Cheese was a strong choice and I won’t hesitate to order again.  A 3-cheese blend and baked just right.  One of my favorite side dishes and I’m glad UBC did it right.  Maybe a bigger size would’ve made my smile a bit wider.

Onion Rings and Mac and Cheese

Battered Onion Rings and Mo's Mac & Cheese - $2.49 each

As you might have guessed, I walked away from Urban Burger Company with the need to loosen my belt.  Ready to pass out into a food coma until I wake up later and regret not going for one of their four desserts.  Zack’s Chocolate Pecan Pie and Jessica’s Fried Twinkie Sundae are available for $4.49 each.  Bonnie’s Root Beer Float for $3.00 and Sam’s Blueberry-Peach Cobbler for $4.79. There’s always next time and I’m looking forward to leaving some room for that Chocolate Pecan Pie. Go out and support the non-chains people!  I know that comes off strange coming from a blog that primarily deals with the mass chains but you are likely to find a gem if you are willing to not hit the drive-thru.  Urban Burger Co. in Rockville, MD comes recommended.

  • Recommendations: Style-up your burger and try Mo’s Mac & Cheese.  Leave room for dessert and tell me how it was.
  • Food: 7.75/10
  • Menu Variety: 9.00/10
  • Atmosphere: Fast Casual
  • Price: $$-Moderate=$7.01-$14
  • GrubGrade: 8.00/10 (Very Good)

Check them out:


5566 Norbeck Rd.
Rockville, MD 20853

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9 comments on “Featured Restaurant: Urban Burger Company

  1. ratbuddy says:

    Hmm, the bacon on the burger looks kinda raw. Was it chewy?

  2. vince says:

    ive been going to urban burger for awhile and i love it. grubgrade is in the dc area? anyway you should check out urban bbq. the quality is on par with burger.

  3. Ryan says:

    @ ratbuddy … Since everything is made to order, you can ask for the bacon cooked the way you like. I didn’t get my bacon extra crispy so naturally it was a tad chewier… The bacon was really thick…although surprisingly it didn’t present an issue.

  4. Ryan says:

    @ vince … Yeah man…Most of us are in the DC Metro area anyways. I will definitely check out Urban BBQ…thanks for the recommendation. Rockville and Silver Spring locations…I’ll keep it in mind.

  5. Adam Bomb says:

    I want that chocolate pecan pie!

  6. TomHandy says:

    Wow, very cool. I just recently started following grubgrade, cool to see you guys cover the DC area.

    I’ll need to head out to Rockville sometime to check this place out. I’ve wanted to check out BGR The Burger Joint too (I think they have them in Bethesda and Dupont Circle).

  7. Ryan says:

    @ TomHandy … I’ve heard great things about BGR but haven’t been yet. They have that insane 9-pounder which is actually over 15lbs with bread/condiments etc. There is an Alexandria location as well.

  8. Jennifer says:

    Another DC-area reader (Silver Spring, MD to be exact) who’s so excited to see GrubGrade is based around here and visits local grub joints!

    Would you ever consider doing a post that contrasts/compares a specific type of local fare (like burgers, pizza, etc.)?

  9. Leah says:

    Just ate there today! So good I get my burger medium with mushrooms and Provolone and its HEAVEN. I love the quirkiness of the Navy decor and the teen servers who are so polite and friendly.
    We ordered fries today and when we went to pick up our burgers, they weren’t ready yet. We finished the burgers, and the fries still hadn’t come. When we presented this to staff, they were so apologetic and explained the problem. They brought our fries, piping hot and delicious with Old Bay (what can I say, I’m a Maryland Girl). They even brought us TWO FREE slices of the pecan pie as an apology for the wait. All and all, this is my favorite fast food restaurant!

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