Celebrity Grubber: New York Jet Mark Sanchez and a Hot Dog

2 comments on “Celebrity Grubber: New York Jet Mark Sanchez and a Hot Dog

  1. Raiders757 says:

    The Jets whooped my Raiders so bad, that their QB had time to sit back and eat a hot dog. LOL Hell, he only had to throw the ball 16 times. He could have ate a hot dog in the huddle if he wanted.

    The thing is, when beating a team in such a manor, it can be taken as an insult to do such a thing, so for that, Sanchez is a douche bag. I guess he’s taking after his fat, loud mouthed coach.

    I’ve heard bad things about the hot dogs they serve at the Oakland Coliseum. He might have had a bad night after eating one of those.

  2. The rookie mistake made was not eating the hot dog. It was the lame-ass apology he made in the post-game.

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