Poll Results: What’s Your Favorite Fast Food Burger Joint?

On Sunday I posted the Top 15 quick-serve burger restaurants based off of systemwide sales in a poll.  Just pick your favorite from the list of 15 and let’s see how it compares to how much money these places are making.


Bonus Points: Can you name what place this burger came from?

Not too scientific really but interesting nonetheless.  Also we of course have to factor in that these places serve more than just burgers.  Nationwide places like McDonald’s and Burger King will surely get votes just based off of exposure and number of restaurants alone.  Not shocking, they are #1 and #2 in systemwide sales based on 2008 numbers.  Let’s see the rest:

2008 Systemwide Sales ($Mil)

  1. McDonald’s $30,025.00
  2. Burger King $9,348.00
  3. Wendy’s $8,013.40
  4. Sonic $3,811.20
  5. Jack in the Box $3,080.00
  6. Dairy Queen $2,519.00
  7. Hardee’s $1,680.00
  8. Carl’s Jr. $1,405.00
  9. Whataburger $1,173.00
  10. Steak n Shake $ 700.00
  11. Checkers/Rally’s $ 658.00
  12. Culvers $ 643.50
  13. White Castle $ 567.90
  14. Krystal $ 428.80
  15. In-N-Out Burger $ 420.00

Now on to your favorites.  Thanks to everyone who participated.  403 votes total.  Here are the results:

  1. In-N-Out Burger 87 votes  21.59%
  2. Wendy’s 62 votes  15.38%
  3. Burger King 42 votes  10.42%
  4. McDonald’s 33 votes  8.19%
  5. Steak n Shake 31 votes  7.69%
  6. Whataburger 28 votes  6.95%
  7. Carl’s Jr. 22 votes  5.46%
  8. Culvers 22 votes  5.46%
  9. Hardee’s 14 votes  3.47%
  10. White Castle 14 votes 3.47%
  11. Sonic 12 votes  2.98%
  12. Checkers/Rally’s 11 votes  2.73%
  13. Jack in the Box 9 votes  2.23%
  14. Dairy Queen 8 votes  1.99%
  15. Krystal 8 votes 1.99%

So let’s discuss these results.  In-N-Out #15 in systemwide sales and #1 favorite (not too shocking, it’s my personal favorite and the Grub Battle Royal Winner).  I was surprised that Jack in the Box only received 9 votes and cracks the Top 5 in sales.  Also, Dairy Queen got 8 votes, take my Grandmaster Grub badge away because I’ve never had a burger from DQ.  I can understand Krystal being in the cellar…14th on sales and last in votes…I’ve never had it but I know it’s strictly a Southeast regional thing. Leave your comments and let us know your thoughts and how you voted.

20 comments on “Poll Results: What’s Your Favorite Fast Food Burger Joint?

  1. HaloEleven says:

    Thanks to GrubGrade, I have learned that there are 7 “5 Guys” and 1 “Cheeburger Cheeburger” location in Colorado. Can’t wait to try them out. As a SoCal transplant, I miss In-N-Out!

    By the way, if it ain’t Animal Style – it ain’t sh**!

  2. Josh says:

    For a fast food burger it’s Wendys for me…however when I am in SoCal it’s In-N-Out…for the South it’s Krystal

  3. rob says:

    I went with Wendy’s cause there ain’t any In N Out here, and 5 Guys wasn’t on the list.

  4. I think what worked against Jack In The Box is like InNOut its mostly a West Coast chain and even among Jack lovers like myself the obvious choice is InNOut. A more interesting alternative might be to weight responses, let people pick 2-3 favorites to factor out some of the regional stuff, 5 points for favorite, 3 for runner up, 1 for third place.

  5. Kristopher says:

    I think that pictured burger is from Rallys/Checkers…. not sure, but that’s my guess.

  6. Ryan says:

    @ Kristopher … Nope … hint: It was ranked better than Rallys/Checkers.

  7. cress says:

    Jack in the Box and Dairy Queen burgers are shite. Put a gun to my head, drag me in their store, tell me to order..and I would would order a cup of water.
    Wish I could try In-N-Out…sounds good.
    Not surprising that McDs is on top with sales. Their Value Menu is better than everyones.

  8. Zach says:

    That looks like an angus burger from McD

  9. Kristopher says:

    @Zach …I don’t think it’s a McD’s Angus. Then the veggies would be on top (unless it was made wrong).

    Upon closer inspection, it looks paper wrapped, so I’ll guess again and say: Culvers.

  10. SkippyMom says:

    I am glad 5 Guys wasn’t on the list [but that is just me] I went for Wendy’s because we don’t have a In n Out or Whataburger here and McDs makes me nauseous every time I eat it.

    My guess on the pic would be something we don’t have here….so….I guess Culvers. lol [blind guess]

    I have a question about Culvers – one of my readers said that they had a butter burger – what exactly IS that? Inquiring Skippy wants to know. :)

  11. Marianne says:

    I voted for BK, as I like the flame broiling. There are many of the top 15 that I haven’t been able to taste yet … so things may change …. Now that we have moved South, I can check out Steak n Shake or Krystal ….

  12. Raiders757 says:

    You can pretty much count Hardee’s and Cral’s Jr. together. They serve the same exact burgers other than the big Carl or whatever it’s called. That would give them 36 votes, and place them above Mcdonald’s.

  13. Chris says:

    I agree with Raider, why were Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s counted separately? You put Checkers and Rally’s together, so why not them?

    My vote went to In-n-Out, but I only make it out to the west coast once every other year.

  14. The pic of the burger is Hardee’s…my guess at least. I think that it is the $6 Dollar Burger.

    The big shocker here is that only 8 DQ employee’s voted.

    Btw, what Burger King burger is better than the MCD Angus Deluxe? Does the Whopper really make anyone vote BK?

  15. @ Ryan Is it sad that I know that?!! Geez. Never had the little thickburger, should’ve compared the size of the patty to the slice of red onion. Hardee’s burger is not perfectly round, it give you that appearance that it is hand patted, but I am sure they spent plenty in R&D on making it look like your backyard burger!


    I’m guessing you guys have a lot of readers from southern california?

  17. Some Guy says:

    Checkers is my favorite

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