RememBear This: Peanut Butter Combos

Let me just tell you something, I love peanut butter…matter of fact it’s my favorite butter, it’s also my favorite thing containing peas…. or nuts for that matter. Let me tell you something else, I love pretzels, they may just be my favorite chippy-type snack (is there a name for that category of snack?) soft, hard, small, jumbo, seasoned, salted, plain, sweet, savory, dipped, coated, you name it I like it (Auntie Anne’s mmmmmm). Put dem together and what do you got? A party in my mouth and my taste buds are staying up till 6′ in the moanin’ (S-N-Double O-P reference right there son!)


Now I actually can’t find the peanut butter flavor and I’m thinking maybe these weren’t Combos brand but I swear I remember them once . They do, however, have the following flavors, Cheddar Cheese Cracker (original), Cheddar Cheese Pretzel, Nacho Cheese Pretzel, Pepperoni Pizza Cracker, Pizzeria Pretzel and Zesty Salsa Tortilla. Maybe someone can set me straight but until then I’m going to believe in my poor memory and sweet dreams. I mean, if they didn’t have peanut butter Combos they should have and why didn’t they? There was definitely a peanut butter filled pretzel snack making it’s way into my belly. It for sure was not the Trader Joe’s variety….those were way too healthy tasting. The ones I remember tasted of creamy sugary PB and buttery salty pretzels.

Maybe my mom scored these from the Snack Mafioso, the Junk Food Black Market, la Grease Cosa Nostra, I don’t know. Either way these pop-able treats were a song & dance played out on my tongue. They were the perfect snack to power me through a 2-hour stint of Tony Hawk’s Pro-Skater 1 on the Playstation. They gave me the energy to concentrate and they left no grease on my stubby fingertips which kept the controller nice and clean.

What is the strangest combination of two flavors you enjoy?

Apparently Combos are “what your mom would feed you if your mom was a man!” This is strangely funny and oddly amusing: